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Being a sustainable business is no longer limited to meeting expectations regarding profit growth and stakeholder value.

Challenges such as the rapid demands of young employees, digitalization that provides information transparency, climate change, energy consumption, waste production and management, threats to public health, poverty, social exclusion, reduction of biodiversity, land use, resource scarcity, and responsible resource consumption, changes the system in which it operates. In this context, creating sustainability approaches is now imperative.

According to the results of the research and statistics; It is estimated that the world population will approach 10 billion in 2100. On the other hand, it is clear that the world does not have unlimited resources, especially considering that individual consumption has increased significantly. Greenhouse gas emission is one of the main results of human activities that accelerate global warming. This warming also carries risks such as scarcity, lack of clean water and disruption in similar natural cycles, inefficiency in agricultural lands, destruction in forest areas and reduction in biodiversity.

Demirtürk A.Ş, together with its employees, has adopted an environmentally friendly approach in production, complying with national and international laws. We aim:to use energy and natural resources efficiently, to reduce environmental impacts from the design to the end of its life cycle and to prevent pollution at its source.

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